FINE ART - Live in Plastic

Live in Plastic is a timely reflection on the ever-increasing threat that plastic waste poses to our world. It presents a dystopian vision of a not-so-distant future where plastic covers people as well as our seas and landscapes.This image can be seen both as a warning and as a protest against our reliance on plastic.The photo was chosen by the TATE UK museum to be fetured on their social media and won the Left Bank Leeds competition where it was exhibited in print format.

FINE ART - Behind Me

Behind Me –  comes from the project that was exhibited at the Macro museum in Rome, called De solitude. This involves a very intimate relationship with the beauty of being alone. A very introverted journey.

FINE ART - The Eye

The Eye won the famous Sony World Photography Awards competition and was exhibited at Somerset House in London. This is an artwork that gives you a chance to play with your imagination.
The lines of the image are strong and confused at the same time, as is the expression in the eye of the protagonist. Denise Senneca has her own interpretation of where this Eye secretly observes our world: A corrupt world, not very tolerant, racist, full of hatred and violence, a world against minorities. In the presence of many racial prejudices and the malignity of this world, this Eye hides and observes. The Eye observes and hopes that in the future human beings will not be judged by their skin or colour, but will all be human beings. And maybe on that day, that Eye will stop hiding. 

FINE ART - Lucy Can't Swim

Lucy can’t swim –  Lucy Can’t Swim was a complicated and elaborate piece born from the idea of a woman who can’t swim, which Denise wanted to represent with swimming pool outfits and a cactus. The cactus represents the impossibility of swimming and her clothes represent the desire to swim. Behind the artwork, you can find her friends. Besides being friends she calls them collaborators for all the help they give her. Models, stylists, and make-up artists, they always get ready when Denise calls them and says “Girls, I have an idea. I want to take pictures!”. She was actually on the terrace of her house, the plants are her mother’s and the clothes are her father’s. Long story short her family and friends have always supported Denise in her artistic choices, and she feels very lucky for that.

FINE ART - Touch

Touch – is a fine art piece created in a photo studio in Rome. The lights are very strong and the preparation behind was planned with assistants, make-up artists and two beautiful models. What Denise loves about this image is the cropping, the two girls’ faces are very close to the camera and they fit perfectly together.

FINE ART - Meet Your Meat

Meet your Meatis an intimate view of how our human meat is similar to animal meat. The photo aims to stimulate a connection with the exaggerated consumption of meat in the actual world. The woman holds a cow’s heart which is very similar to a human heart.  The photo was exhibited at the MATRICE exhibition in the historical Pastificio Cerere of Rome.

Behind Me, Live Cinema Festival Macro

The Eye, Sony World Photography Awards

Meet Your Meat

Touch, London

Lucy Can’t Swim

Live In Plastic