Recording Flowers


  3. BABY
  5. FIRE

Recording Flowers was born from a collision between human beings and plants. The subject tries to interact with the surrounding green world and creates an intimate, surreal, almost fairy tale atmosphere.

Black Swan

The Black Swan project has given Denise an incredible opportunity. To photograph with the wonderful Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format!

The photo was published on Fujifilm’s official social media channels. Denise Senneca has been inspired by the Black Swan film directed by Darren Aronofsky. She used white paint to cover her arms and to remind the swan feathers.


Baby Denise loves the colours and intensity behind the shoots called Baby! She has achieved this fantastic bokeh thanks to Lensbaby Velvet 56. It is a unique lens with special properties and it works great on Fujifilm cameras! The photos were taken in Hackney Wick and the model wore clothes decided entirely by her. The photos are colourful, pop, and strong. One of these photos was exhibited at the Fujifilm House of Photography in Covent Garden, London, UK. 

Le Haine

‘Le Haine’ – her friends like to say that her art is born from everything she has watched, read, and listened to. She is in love with discovering new things, with films, but above all with art. These photos were inspired by the film Le Haine directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. It was shot in a suburb of London that Denise always loved for its beautiful architecture and the whole thing was shot with one of her favourite lenses FUJIFILM 16MM 1.4. The photos were exhibited at the Fujifilm Print Life Exhibition in East London, UK. 


Be Outside The Frame

Be Outside The Frame – very often we are told that we are not right doing something, sometimes we are too much, sometimes we are not enough. We are never the perfect picture in the frame. Too tall for that frame, too short, too long, those pictures never fit. Those images are never right. So Denise wishes that all women and all people to always feel in their place, to always feel good about themselves, even when they don’t make you feel comfortable, out of that stupid frame they’ve created. Break down limits and boundaries. Be outside the frame.

Red Rainbow

Red Rainbow – the first colour children perceive when looking at the rainbow is red. With Red Rainbow, Denise Senneca decided to use a warm and different colour up close on a male figure trying to bring out delicate and intimate buds.

The photos were taken during the lockdown trying to bring out the mood that the protagonist of the photos was experiencing at that moment.



Fire was shot in Bethnal Green, London, UK with a Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 R WR XF, one of Denise’s favourite lenses. A real fire was used at the scene. 

The photo was commissioned by Fujifilm UK to be displayed in a similar version on the wall of the House of Photography Store (HOP), Covent Garden, London, UK.